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Using XP-Posts

Using XP-Channel

Mount the channel to any existing posts, brick pillars or walls.

You can use either our plastic spacers or the even easier gap inserts for the spacing.

Load the slats in on an angle, and place spacers between each one.
Or if you’re using the infill panel, slide each slat into one side, before slotting the other side on to finish it off.

Once you’ve loaded all the slats up, you can screw a slat locking clip into place, although it is not always necessary.
After that you can then screw into place the channel end cap as show in the picture.

Making an XP-Gate

Making a slat fence gate can seem daunting at first, but our EZ-Gate system makes it as simple as lego.
First, you need to figure out what materials you will need, check out the handy guide below for reference.

Installing a Fence Topper